Oswego Hometown Expo

Exhibitor Information

Booth Competition

We have independent judges who will be looking at all the booths and awarding a prize for the Most Unique booth and the most interactive booth. The winners get $50 off their booth fee for next year!

Set up Instructions & Times:

Set up times: Friday, February 22nd from 6 – 9 pm and Saturday, February 23rd from 7 am – 8:45 am. All booths must be set up by 8:45 am. Booths must stay up until 2 pm. Please do not arrive earlier than 6 pm on Friday as we need time for the Expo company to set the booths. Everything is held in the Fieldhouse at Oswego High school, 4250 Route 71, Oswego. Go into the parking lot and all the way to the back to the Athletic entrance.

Parking: Please move your cars up close to the front of the High School next to Route 71 so that the public can park close to the door. The very last row of parking will be unavailable as that is where the shredding truck will be parking.

We will have volunteers to help you load in and carts to help carry in boxes, supplies etc.

Booth Amenities: There is a 6 foot table, 2 chairs and a wastebasket in every booth. We will have extra “S” hooks to hang banners at the back of the booth but please bring your own scissors, rope, etc.

Electricity: if you need electricity and haven’t reserved it yet – please RSVP to this email ASAP. There is an $80 charge for electricity. No generators are allowed.

Helium tanks are not allowed but you may bring in Helium Balloons. That is a school district rule.

Vendor Hospitality Room: Will be open from 7 am – 11 am with coffee, water and pastries for you. After 11 am you may use this room as a break room. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.